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Lanaun Handcrafts


Hello and welcome to Lanaun’s Handcrafts, goods by Lanaun & Company, LLC. My name is Tamara and I discovered or perhaps re-discovered the joy of art. Let me take you back to when it all started.  During the Corona of 2020, I found myself out of a job and the hiring market had froze.  Natural with no job to return to, I was desperate to find something productive to occupy my time.  I started with adult coloring books and that was when I realized that coloring was relaxing and somehow therapeutic.  Soon afterwards, I then had the desire to create something tangible that people can find hope, joy and maybe some peace. To me, creating that something was a way for me to experience a sense of accomplishments.  And so, the idea of decorating shadow boxes, hence my nick name "Magic Box" emerged.  I chose to design shadow boxes and other art decor in hope that my creation can somehow give people a sense that we can experience joy, hope and peace within the mist of great loss and uncertainty and know to keep looking ahead and know that life, hope, peace and joy are possible again.  So, to whomever purchase any of my creation, I simply say "Thank You".


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